Spring in the City, freshen up your Brain!

I live in walking distance to the city center and this morning it was especially beautiful in this gorgeous spring weather to walk. After my appointment, I strolled through the streets, happy people everywhere, who enjoyed this sunny day. I chose a detour through the park and had a cappuccino on a terrace. The magnificent chestnut trees were in full bloom, the fresh green of the trees was particularly invigorating. I noticed how my strained brain was relaxing after a hard week. Once again, I could feel the two brain halves being in harmony. Left/right side of the brain is not a fairy tale, we need both sides in harmony in order to meet the challenges of life. Also rhythmic movement and music unblock the left brain and stimulate the right brain. A balance of both halves of the brain is absolutely necessary for a healthy and powerful life. Recent research in the U.S. has indicated that the heart is connected with the right brain. If this exchange is disturbed, it may cause heart disease.

It is therefore vitally important that stage directors do not neglect this fact when putting operas on stage. The effect of the music should influence the concept. Without generally condemning the German Regietheater, I like to point out that focusing exclusively on the negative aspects of the existence ultimately will not succeed. The aspect of hope, contained in many operas so strongly, should not be overlooked. A society can survive only when the ethical principles of life are also brought on stage. In particular Richard Wagner has understood these principles very well and skillfully integrated them into his works. The musical score should go hand in hand with the philosophical dialogue of his operas. The public does have a very fine sense for these aspects and does not need education from the stage directors who love to indulge in their own personal dark view of existence

Author: Midou Grossmann

Writer, Arts, Philosophy....

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