Classical Music And Its Healing Power

Rhythm means vibratory energy in music; it is the most important tool. People react to rhythm; rhythm can be health, inspiration, a broader perspective of mind. For musicians it is the first duty to present the rhythm hidden in the music! Also so called ‘atonal music’ does have a rhythm.

Spoken words are sounds occasioned by the vibrations of thoughts; thoughts are vibrations sent forth by ego or soul. Every word you utter should be potent with soul vibration. A man’s words are lifeless if he fails to impregnate them with spiritual force. The same goes for the musician. His music is stall if not impregnated with spiritual force. And the conductor has the duty to rouse the consciousness of the entire orchestra towards this higher state of mind.

A quote from the Chandogya Upanisad:
‘ the essence of all beings is earth,
the essence of earth is water,
the essence of water are the plants,
the essence of plants is man,
the essence of man is speech,
the essence of speech is the RgVeda, (poetry)
the essence of RgVeda is Samavda,(music)
the essence of the Samaveda is the Udgita (which is OM).
that Udgita is the best of all the essences, the highest,
Deserving the highest place, the eighth.’

Poetry is subtler than prose, it’s rhythm producing a higher unity and loosens the fetters of our mind.
But music is subtler than poetry, it carries us beyond the meaning of words into a state of intuitive receptivity.

It seems that not many conductors of today’s musical scene are aware of these topics and if they are, they do not know how to reach the dimension where music becomes magic. All this is also valuable for singers, choirs and so on. Spiritual force should be the goal for all art but at its highest form is found in music.

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