Cosima and Frau von Heldburg

Cosima Wagner wrote 1877 after a visit at Meiningen to Frau von Heldburg, her friend from Berlin (actress Ellen Franz) and now wife of the Theaterherzog:

“The hours dreamt in Meiningen with you, charming as fugitive, it was as if all the past times were reviving, and coming back deprived of harm and grief, to greet me.

To be once again with you in your artistical world and remembering the times in Berlin. Life in art and with art – ein Paradies. Keep your mind in the higher regions of feeling. Ein geistiges Leben ist das Ziel. – Your stupid Queen”

Ellen Franz called her Queen or Queenie – Cosima called her sometimes: my dear chick

Ellen was also the pupil of Hans von Bülow and his life long friend. She did bring him together with his daughters again. Made connections with Cosima since he was not allowed to speak or write to her when getting married a 2nd time.

Copyright Midou Grossmann