The twelve days of Christmas

Christmas is not over on Dec 27


Actually the Christmas Season goes straight on till the end of January for the Church. Whenever I was in South Germany or Austria after Christmas in January I was always happy to find the Christmas tree and crip still standing in a cathedral. This does give a warm feeling and this is what we need today even more than ever. Take time to breath, to walk and to connect with your Higher Self.

If you can,  give yourself some rest during the next 12 days till January 6, go out into nature, walk and talk with ‘HER’. Listen to the silence, look for signs which touch you inside, which might be connected with your life. Write down the feelings of each day. You might get a blue print for the New Year to come. If you have a favorite secluded spot outdoors (or indoors), go there and listen daily. Listen to the universe, the birds, the trees, the waves. Just try to stay in the Christmas Spirit you remember from childhood, carry this feeling far into the New Year. You might see during spring time that the whispers of the Holy Nights (and Days) did try to tell you something important.


Copyright Midou Grossmann



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