The Art Of Conducting – Great Conductors Of The Past.


Teldec Video 1.57 minutes – 1994 – YouTube as well

I just watched this as a video. Very interesting – the sound, the different technics, the metaphysical approach. So personal each, but the main topic which does come through is dedication and at the end someone does says: we all are alone here and music does give us a feeling of not being alone anymore. So important and true. Also interesting to see women in the orchestras. The first in Canada and Great Britain – Berlin and Vienna very belated, none seen yet in these days till 1965.

I liked best Reiner, Stokowski, Toscanani and Karajan. If there can be talked of best. Though Reiner’s baton has to be seen. Also interesting the German school, conducting mostly out of the wrist and with the eyes. Extreme here: Richard Stauss and at the other end of the scale Lenny (Bernstein).

Nowadays with all the hype about entertainment and social media this kind of artistically field is more important than ever before. Does the East have its tradition of spiritual rituals and introspection; the West has the tradition of music. Besides this there is often no place in our western society to go ‘inside’ for one or two hours, to converse with your higher self. This has nothing to do with the emotional stimulations most current media does deliver, no, good music – and I see good music everywhere when patterns of high frequencies overcome the dull and delusional emotional feeling in men – can uplift human beings and pull them above all kind of moods which block true creativity.

The classical music business tends to go strongly towards show and strong business management. Yes, orchestras are expensive to run, but music is as important as education or health. Society has forgotten this and it is time to provide tools for the people which do allow them to discover their very best and live a life free of welfare and dependencies. Overcoming hurt and sorrow by discovering a higher dimension of existence.

Midou Grossmann 2018

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