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Many of us do ask yourselves often where we and the world are heading. This question might be as old as the planet. Each time had its tests and upheavals. But nowadays so many things do come out into the open because of the social media and for many it does seem that we are truly living in a doomsday time. I am sure that there are more positive actions on this planet than negative actions. The constant focus on negative news does influence strongly our emotions and we do feel stressful and often even afraid.

To keep our being anchored in peace and in a positive attitude is of importance during this time. Many take up sports, yoga and all kind of hobbies to get out of the circle of stress and fear. These outer things do help for a certain time but as long as we are not able to synchronize our brain channels to joy and peace the battle will never end. Here a most helpful article which came out some years ago, written by the prominent professor and coach Hitendra Wadhwa of Columbia Business School New York, which could help to broaden understanding about how to find a fulfilling life in the midst of a time with never ending tests and challenges. Do not indulge in moods, try to find the path to your higher self. Tremendous healing potential, joy and inspiration are waiting there for you. Do not give up your worthwhile projects and the dream of a better world.

With the kind permission of Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa also Founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership

Copyright Midou Grossmann 2018


Author: Midou Grossmann

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