Destiny – A Karmic Matter ?

Today I just felt that matters of life are getting more and more complexe and that there is an urgent call for justice on most levels of society.

I decided to bring some reflections on paper, in English, since most of the European readers might understand this language, and I do not want to leave my US friends outdoors. (Forgive my mistakes!) Though not watching TV, I do get all kind of various information by social media and by online presence of the press. It does seem that we are going through a period of upheavals and that most people in power are not respected anymore as role models and do show now signs of a true leader. Even political parties which are in opposition to governments do not focus most of the time on changing things to the better; it does seem that they just want to keep their position of power and influence, no true visions for a higher level of existence on the planet or even for themselves besides financial security and profit.

In Germany now a left wing party did get out with a new movement with the name ‘Aufstehen’ (Stand Up), since some of the party members did not see change possible within the party. I followed many discussions in the net and am not so optimistic that things can become an influential force soon. Though Mr. Macron has shown in France that it can be done. But Germans are not the French and in this country things might be discused for a long time now without true actions. And of course each group is looking for a different kind of improvement.

Personal freedom for many has become very limited in Europe and I just feel that the decline did start with bringing in the Euro as common currency. Of course prices went up instantly; nobody did try to stop this or even did care. The name of game ‘New Currency’ might have been also ‘Rip Off’. People got bored with the humanitarian spirit sprouting after WWII and greed took over. Most elderly people became a target for merciless profit games. Those in retirement – or near – were not able anymore to get higher wages in Euros, though most salaries are even today on a DM based income and elders pensions anyhow. Everything went up at least 100%. People who could not adjust the income anymore had to go towards their savings and today most middle class elders have not much left in their bank accounts. This might be the case of around 50% of society. Cost of living did go up so fast that for regular income people the salary did not rise accordingly. Renting a flat is a European way of life and at the present rent is up 150% since 5 years, as well cost for water, gaz, electricity, car etc., public transport is even more expensive. Germany – despite international acclaim – did bring in the toughest cuts for its citizien.

One might ask why economy is still good anyhow. The 50% of the population being able to purchase the high price products are enough to keep a positive balance. The other 50% which lost most of their purchase strengths have to turn to cheap imports from China and other low cost countries. This does mean that we are giving these countries a rise with the fall of the middle class in the Western world. These formerly poor countries do invest in the West now and a vicious circle is the result.

Instead of complaining on an individual level or telling that I myself am not yet touched, we have to realize that things have to change by a deep bond of brotherhood, respect and responsibility for our neighbors. Let’s move above the tiny private space we think is still save and see what is ongoing on the planet: humans, plants, natural resources and animals have become an object of speculation. This is totally against the cosmic plan for this planet. Let’s dare to think big and noble. Let’s realize that when our neighbor is doing well we will be going to be fine as well. All these personal little wars in private zones have to stop, there is no other way out of the general depression with a suicide rate as high as never before. Just let’s start and have thoughts on the tasks ahead.

Life down here is a karmic matter and it might be true that at the end of this existence we are going straight on into a judgement about our actions down here, a judgement which will be done by our Higher Self. And maybe we do not stop to exist as a mass of consciousness and we have to keep on going till we understand the true purpose of life which is to become an angel! Yes, we are all fallen angels down here; take up your wings again! This is highest path to help yourself and the world. Spray each negative thought with the waters of hope and love, positive thinking does change the brains and feelings as well. Give it a try! The results might speak for itself.


Copyright Midou Grossmann 2018