More photos about Wagner and the King!

All photos taken at Herrenchiemsee Germany – copyright Midou Grossmann
The stage sets are for Tannhäuser which König Ludwig had given the order.  You can also see a note book of the king with the symbol of the holy grail. And the model of the Wagner Festival House for Munich. The two busts are of RW and the King, Festspielhaus Bayreuth.

Also photos of Hans von Bülow and Cosima von Bülow – Later Cosima Wagner. Hans von Bülow did conduct exclusively in Munich all Wagner operas and other concerts for the King till his departure for Italy.


Richard Wagner und König Ludwig

Went to Herrenchiemsee today and did see stage models from the very first staging of Tristan, Meistersinger and Walküre. 1865-1868. Very impressiv – could be used today! These stage sets certainly had a great impact on the audience.


Copyright Midou Grossmann

The Window to ‘Reality’?

“Think of a window. It allows us to see whatever is outside. Quantum physics, which, to me, is a visionary window, produces a much more puzzling view. As a result, you may well look at everything in a new and amazing way.” (Amit Goswami Ph.D., Consciousness Scientist)


If people would turn away from hatred and envy, going forward towards true understanding and longing for peace this planet could become in a short time a good place to live.

The last decades have brought more and more tensions on so many levels of society. People are ready to explode since most are longing for a harmonious life in a safe and healthy surrounding. But many challenges do keep us far from this simple goal. Do you know the expression quantum leap? Going out, being creative, and using the highest creative power in a dynamic way to improve a situation. Yes, this is what is needed. Going above the so called daily routine. A discontinuous mouvement is known as a quantum leap. So please do go into your true inner self and disrupt routine, find this divine spark which is your birthmark from heaven. Start to be true to yourself again. All will be well. Especially in art we need this kind of thinking since now art starts to be fully controlled by an old stagnant way of egoistical thinking. But art should guide people to reach out for the higher self, awaken a desire to become better people. We do not need these endless boring productions of operas which do show us how bad everything is now and these concerts turning into sheer events, business as usual for the Upper Class. There is an urgent need to go hand in hand with the composer and show people that there can be noble and beautiful moments despite seemingly chaos.

“Therefore, since atoms are possible movements, molecules are possible movements, and neurons are possible movements, it follows that the brain itself is a possible movement. Right? But that means that consciousness, if it is created by the brain, is also a possibility!” (Amit Goswami Ph.D., Consciousness Scientist)

Copyright Midou Grossmann 2019 Text and Photo