The three dimensional Mensch

IMG_0058 (2)

Photo Midou Grossmann – Lake Constance 2012

Corona Lockin does give time to go deep inside. Classical Music does help to enhance the journey towards within for those who don’t have a personal technic of meditation.

We as people are somehow three dimension layered energy balls. With our bodies we resonate on the grossest level but with our minds we can go above. And it is not only the mind; we need to heighten our personal vibrational energy to overcome the body vibes which tend to bind us to a limited world with heart and mind. Music – if performed out of the heart chakra – can help us to overcome our body consciousness and that’s why so many people sit extremely still during concert performances. It is a kind of meditation. Music is a free ticket to travel ahead into a vibrational realm where we can find inspiration and solutions for problems seemingly unsolvable, strenght to go on. Music can lead us to the storehouse of magic, the sheer bliss dimension. That’s what we do need in these times. Men and women can rise above the panic and fear. Unfortunately music is closed down. Let’s go inside during these days dear musicians and maybe new masterpieces can be created. Livestream music is helpful but it does rarely have the intense vibrational force as live concerts to provide.

Let’s take this time to create new ways of thinking, rise above the seemingly strong limitations from outside. Music can be very helpful to reach our higher dimensions of being. In this sense we can build a new society free of old control patterns.

Article about Corona and Art – Kulturexpresso

Copyright Midou Grossmann 03/2020

Author: Midou Grossmann

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