A Great One Left Us

It does seem that Dmitri H. is the only topic on FB since his passing on November 22. A ceaseless outcry of mourning from music lovers all over the world – maybe only comparable with the reactions after Herbert von Karajan’s passing or the shooting of President Kennedy.

This video does show again his tremendous musical mastership and charismatic impact. Together with his enormous charisma and higher sense of being when on stage, he was a rare gift. He did prove that opera is not dead or outdated. The power of music was shown in each of his performances. His singing did flow straight out from his higher self into the hearts of the listeners.

During his tragic sickness he became even stronger and never gave up. This video also does show that concerts can be as strong as opera on stage. With his concerts he could touch even more people on a personal level.

He will be missed, but his art does give hope and opera will never be dead or outdated.

At the MET

Last evening at the MET

Please check more on Youtube and you will find part of his legacy. He could sing all styles and composers…(even Wagner, but just in concert).



Text and Photo Copyright Midou Grossmann


Cosima and Frau von Heldburg

Cosima Wagner wrote 1877 after a visit at Meiningen to Frau von Heldburg, her friend from Berlin (actress Ellen Franz) and now wife of the Theaterherzog:

“The hours dreamt in Meiningen with you, charming as fugitive, it was as if all the past times were reviving, and coming back deprived of harm and grief, to greet me.

To be once again with you in your artistical world and remembering the times in Berlin. Life in art and with art – ein Paradies. Keep your mind in the higher regions of feeling. Ein geistiges Leben ist das Ziel. – Your stupid Queen”

Ellen Franz called her Queen or Queenie – Cosima called her sometimes: my dear chick

Ellen was also the pupil of Hans von Bülow and his life long friend. She did bring him together with his daughters again. Made connections with Cosima since he was not allowed to speak or write to her when getting married a 2nd time.

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Mathias Vidal – An Exceptional Tenor


Foto Copyright Oper Leipzig – Tom Schulze – Charles Gounod ‘Cinq Mars’ May 2017




Natur und Musik – Worry Less


Gehen Sie auf Entdeckungsreise

Am 3.6.2017 findet ab 14 Uhr ein Nachmittag mit Musik in der schönen und regenerierenden Landschaft des Hochtaunus statt. ‘Forest Bathing’, zudem lernen Sie Entspannungsmethoden und erfahren mehr über die spirituellen Hintergründe der Opern Richard Wagners. Programm siehe Link oben – Gehen Sie auf Entdeckungsreise!

U M  A N M E L D U N G  W I R D  G E B E T E N ! Bis zum 30.5.2017 – Bezahlt werden kann der Eintritt am Veranstaltungstag.




Richard Wagner’s ‘Tannhäuser’ the French Version from 1861

For the first time, after the three performances in Paris 1861, there was a staging of this version, supervised by Richard Wagner himself, at the Opéra of Monte Carlo.



Classical Music is more than just entertainment

Indian Wisdom : The sanskirtans or musical gatherings are an effective form of yoga or spiritual discipline, necessitating intense concentration, absorption in the seed thought and sound. Because man himself is an expression of the Creative Word, sound exercises on him a potent and immediate effect. Great religious music of East and West bestows joy on man because it causes a temporary awakening of the spinal centers, he does therefore remember his divine origin.