“Brother Craig” – Craig Marshall – A Forrunner of a New Age

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It seems like yesterday that I entered the meditation gardens at Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades – Los Angeles – California. Somehow I feel that I never left the place since these first days.  During 25 years I did frequently visit and could call it ‘home’. There I did discover the magic world of high spirit and divine fellowship besides much more.

Lake Shrine is only one of the wonderful locations of Self-Realization Fellowship with its Headquarter at Mount Washington – Los Angeles. Craig Marshall was already a monk there when I started to meditate and somehow I never lost sight of him. I always wondered if our paths had crossed before, maybe in Egypt or during the days of Richard Wagner, as he is an ardent admirer of both fields.

Since life is somehow unpredictable, Brother Mitrananda left the ashram after 35 years of dedicated service and became Craig Marshall again. But he remained the strong personality, sharing – also as a ‘private’ – his positive charisma and unending compassion and understanding as coach and consultant with so many people around the globe.  That’s why I do publish these two interesting interviews which do give the reader a more profound glimpse into his cheerful personality.

A chapter out of the new book  Four Stages of Yoga, by Nischala Cryer, sharing with us valuable insights and fascinating stories that help us understand the dharma of each chapter of life, as we mature from “students” to “sannyasis”.

The second article does give a more private glimpse into his complex life story.

PDF: Brother_Craig_chapter_Four_Stages_of_Yoga

PDF: NuCalm Case Study – Meditation


Photos and articles with the courtesy of Craig Marshall

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Get in tune ….


Many of us do ask yourselves often where we and the world are heading. This question might be as old as the planet. Each time had its tests and upheavals. But nowadays so many things do come out into the open because of the social media and for many it does seem that we are truly living in a doomsday time. I am sure that there are more positive actions on this planet than negative actions. The constant focus on negative news does influence strongly our emotions and we do feel stressful and often even afraid.

To keep our being anchored in peace and in a positive attitude is of importance during this time. Many take up sports, yoga and all kind of hobbies to get out of the circle of stress and fear. These outer things do help for a certain time but as long as we are not able to synchronize our brain channels to joy and peace the battle will never end. Here a most helpful article which came out some years ago, written by the prominent professor and coach Hitendra Wadhwa of Columbia Business School New York, which could help to broaden understanding about how to find a fulfilling life in the midst of a time with never ending tests and challenges. Do not indulge in moods, try to find the path to your higher self. Tremendous healing potential, joy and inspiration are waiting there for you. Do not give up your worthwhile projects and the dream of a better world.


With the kind permission of Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa also Founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership

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